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WPP Users Manual

WP Prosperent Pro aka WPP Pro
WP Prosperent Free aka WPP Free

This is the users manual for both the free and the Pro versions of the plug.
The Pro version just has many more features than the free version.
If you are using the free version, you can skip the sections that contain features that you don’t have.

Here is the example site used in the videos:

This site is just to show varies features. It is NOT how I would set up a real site.
I’m providing you the tool to place ads on your site. It’s up to you to determine the best placements, layouts, wording, etc. Testing is always a way to figure that out. Generally, ads place “above the fold” (so you don’t have to scroll down, and mixed in with the content can produce better results.

Overview video:



Installation is straight forward and just like any other WP plugin. Go to plugins > add new. Select the upload link. Browse and select the WPP zip file. Upload and activate.

If you have the free version on the site, you should deactivated it first. If you don’t you will get an error but you can just go to the plugins menu and deactivate the free version and then activate the Pro version.

Throughout this manual I referrer to the API. An API is an application programming interface. Basically, its how your site will talk to the API site (in this case, Prosperent). You don’t need to understand how this talk works as it’s in a computeresse language. The plugin provides you the ability to adjust settings without knowing the API language.

General options page

Prosperent API Section

API key:

You need to enter a valid API key. You will see a warning if your API key is not correct.


Debug mode:

You will most likely never need to use this. It should be UNCHECKED unless you are checking on a problem. And then after checking you will want to uncheck it. Don’t forget to do this like I have. 


ExtendedQuery mode:

You will probably also want to leave this CHECKED.

Basically there are two query modes that tell Prosperent what to send you back.

1) extendQuery mode – this is a RAAW feed. You would to use advanced modifiers and stuff to get the best results. I don’t use this mode or teach anything about it, but it’s available by unchecking that box.

2) the standard query mode – it doesn’t have an official name but I like to all it the Prosperent super duper optimized query. This is because the query you send to Prosperent will be run through a bunch of algorithms to try to find the best item to return to you. Since Propserent optimizes this mode, it’s the best one to use 99.99% of the time.


Keywords Section

Default Global Keyword:


Default Negative Keyword:

At this time, this feature is too flaky. It works sometimes but not others. So I will not be covering.

Keyword option check boxes:

I’m going to cover the remaining keyword options here.


Appearance Section

Template and grid columns:

Under template you can set your default template. It can be overridden in the token so it not too important what it is set at.

You can change the number of columns for the grid template so that it will fit your sites theme.



Sorting is only available for extended queries so you probably will not use it. Also note that while the API has best selling and worst sell as sort options, Prosperent currently is not providing the data for them.

Include coupons links:

Prosperent now supports coupons in their API. After a query is made to Prosperent, WPP Pro will look at results and check the returned merchants to see if there is a coupon available for them. All of this happens almost instantly while your page is loading.

If coupons are found for the merchant there are several options available to display them and two options on how the linking works.


Include tags links:


Include brands links:


More coming soon.

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