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WPP Version .1.1 Optional Update Available and Reporting Tips

by Charles - admin on October 7, 2010

This is to let you know that I have released an optional update v.1.1

There have been no bugs or operational problems reported so you don’t have to update to this version.

The only change in this version is a behind the scenes addition of SID (sub-ID) dynamic tracking ability.

This means that every site that you put this new version on will be automatically sending the domain name to prosperent for tracking on all API calls (every time a page is loaded that has ads).

Within Prosperent they have added the SID to the reports screen.  The reporting features are lacking at this time but here is what you can see.

In Prosperent, click the reports tab.   Select the date range you want to view by clicking one day and shift-click a second day.   Or just click today if that is what you want.    Select the API Requests button.   Hit refresh above the calendar.

At the bottom of the page there is a bar called “SID earnings”.  Click that to open it.   In that box any SID’s that have revenue will show up.  Prosperent updates earning each month.  So you might not see anything there for a bit of time until you get sales.

But you can check any sites stat by using the “filter by SID” box.   Select your date range and the API button.   Enter your domain name into the SID box.  Hit refresh.    If you have WPP v.1.1 installed and you have entered a correct domain name you will see your stats.  The filter box checks for any entry you give it.  So if you have a typo it will report zero instead of saying that SID is invalid.  Otherwise it is working and should show  you some data.

A future update will allow for customization of the SID.  Right now its just the domain name and its automatically on.

The update is available from the WPP download page.

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