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What Is Prosperent

by Charles - admin on September 29, 2010

is an affiliate network that has developed a whole new platform for dynamic affiliate advertising.

They were founded in 2009 by a group of entrepreneurs determined to simplify affiliate marketing. [The founders have] been involved in the affiliate marketing industry for a number of years and [grew] frustrated by the lack of tools and data available from other networks. They set forth on a mission to simplify the process of monetizing web pages with targeted cost per action products.

Monetizing web pages with targeted cost per action products – What does that mean?
This means that their system will provide you with ads related to your visitors search and/or the page content. These ads lead directly to merchant stores where you will earn commissions when your visitors buy the item or other items from that merchant.

Ad targeting – uses a few different methods for making its ads as relevant as possible, but most important of all is analyzing the search queries made by visitors to your site. These queries are matched against our growing product catalog of over 50,000,000 unique products. While a majority of our ads are displayed to US visitors, also supports ads in Canada, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Read this for more on ad targeting.

Merchants – There is an extensive list of merchants that they work with here:

Huh?? What does all this mean.

It means that if you have a product centered website or WP blog, you will be able to use their ad system and/or my tools to put the products visitors are looking for right in front of them and earn money for doing it.

You might say “that’s sounds great but I already use Adsense/Amazon/eBay/CJ (etc) for doing this”. That’s perfect. If you are already having success with these other systems, than you will want to give this a try.
In the next few posts I will explain why I think that using the WPProsperent tools and might be a bigger payoff for you.

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