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Tips for Setting the Sitewide Keyword

by Charles - admin on October 11, 2010

When using WPP and the sitewide keyword to “theme” a site I have noticed that you have to play with it to get the correct default terms sometimes.

I have a fishing reel site.   I used “fishing reel” for the default term.  The results were not very good.   The same items showed on every page even though using the title alone brought up exact matches.

What I discovered is that even though this was a “fishing” product site, that including that term added an additional “required” word to the query.   And while I knew the products where fishing reels, if the merchant didn’t include the word fishing in the product info, the computer query wouldn’t find the correct product.

Therefore, you really need to find your most generic keyword to use as a default and see how it looks on several pages of your site.

Once I changed the default to just “reel” I was then seeing the correct items on the pages.

I always like to view several pages to see how it is working as for any single page, if the query brings in no items, it would just add the default items.  So it might appear to not be working when it really is.

You can always add the exact keyword token and preview the page to see if there are really items matching that keyword.

This would show the results for an exact keyword query when you place your keywords in there.  It turns off all the options that add words to the query.

[wpp keyword="some keyword" keyword_use_search_referrer="no" keyword_use_title="no" keyword_use_title_as_backup="no" keyword_append_global="no" template="list" limit_page="10"]

Also, you can use negatives in your query.   I noticed wii products popping up too much for me.  Seems like they have a game or product for tons of niches.  So if you see it popping in and you dont want it on that site, you can add it as a negative to the default.  like this:   keyword=”some keyword -wii”

You can use the negatives to fine tune any site by using negatives to remove the items you don’t want showing.

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