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Give Your Tests a Fair Shake

by Charles - admin on October 6, 2010

Now that the Prosperent plugin has been released I’ve been chatting with a lot of people who love what it does and are starting to use/test it so I thought it would be a good time to talk about testing.

I first found out about Prosperent several months ago. At the time there were no plugins or anyway of displaying the ads except using their TCPA ad unit.  So I thought I would run a test. I created an ad unit of the size I like and added the java code to one of my busiest (but poor earning) sites. I wanted to see if it could turn the site around.

Well, a few weeks and ten of thousands of impressions later guess what I had to show for it.  Yup.  Zip.  Nada. Zero.  My impressions were high.  Sure it was on a “busy” site.  And impressions don’t really mean anything.   I had very few clicks and no sales. Now I don’t know why I even tested on that site.  Why did I expect putting new ads on a site that already had ads and wasn’t earning to magically start earning.   That’s crazy.

A few months later and now comes the Prosperent API and WPProsperent (WPP).  WPP ads are nothing like the TCPA ads.  The plugin uses the options you select to pull what I call content ads to your page.  These are ads that enhance your page as the text from the products shows as text on your source code (the page the bots read).  And that is how they are “content”.   You still have your titles, pictures and primary context, if you want to.  ;)

Am I putting these WPP ads on that same site I tested with TCPA?  Sure, that and 400+ others.   That is my test.   I’m putting it on all my sites.   We are coming in to the holiday buying season.  Now is the time to get your product ads in front of the buyers. If you have sites already running you know where your buyers are.  Now is not the time to test this on one new site or just add it to one site you don’t care about. Add it to all your sites.  Leave them there for at least a month or more.

Remember these are sales generated commissions you will be earning, which Prosperent has indicated averages over $14 per sale. Sales will come slower then clicks.  So don’t be an EPN or adcents stats junky expecting your earnings to jump up every few hours.  There are too many factors.  People might not buy immediately.  Your site might not be suited for this style of ads.  Your site may be a dub.  I know I have my share of those.

With new sites, it might takes months to generate enough traffic to generate sales.  Or perhaps you have some super ninja techniques and can start earning instantly.  Too many variables.   Just be sure to give it a fair shake.

This month my Amazon earnings have been less then average, until yesterday.   Someone bought a $600 item.  WOOT!  I get my 6% commission.  To bad I didn’t have my WPP ads on that site yet.  I bet the commission would have been 12% or more.

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Sugarcookie October 6, 2010 at 8:25 pm

Great plugin Charles. I am in the process of doing exactly what you are talking about… I have a good couple hand fulls of sites and I am testing the plugin on all of them. Why not?

Gadget Boy October 6, 2010 at 8:43 pm

Hey Charles,

Good info….I have about 30 product sites that I’m going to do just that.
EPN…look out, there’s a new game in town.


Mike McDonough October 7, 2010 at 4:31 am


Great talking to you yesterday. This plugin is great and will fill the void for those individuals who have not been accepted by EPN. And for those who are using EPN the plugin will provide and even better chance of making a visitor a buyer.

Looking forward to the next update.


Wilton Chocolate Fountain October 7, 2010 at 6:51 pm

Hi, I test the plugin on one of my site and will be adding later to all of my product site. This plugin is great, thanks.

Looking forward to next update, hopefully for categories function. :)


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