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Blog Blueprint – Insiders Peek and Bonus Offer

by Charles - admin on October 27, 2010

Last week I started talking about Blog and was sharing some of their sales copy but I decided to stop that and show you what you actually get with their system and offer you a bonus if you do buy it.

Here is the most important thing.   Watch this view and see if the things that this system can do match up to the things you are doing.  There is nothing worse than buying a system that you never use.  If after watching this video you are not sure how BB will help you then please don’t spend your money or time on it.

You want to learn how to build profitable blogs from the ground up.  Blog can help.

You already know how to build blogs but want some cool tools to help you get more traffic.  BB is your place

The video below is an overview of the Blog system.  Sorry if the audio is a little nasally as I have a cold right now.  :)

If you are a WPMage user, this video has specific things for you.

Open full screen to see it better.

Something I forgot to mention in the video, is the forums.  While BB is new, the forums and users of the creator’s other systems have been around for years.  What does that mean?  It means that there is an army of mentor, moderators, and existing users, that have been building blogs for years, and using the BB tools and plugins since they started the test of them.  Therefore, you will likely get any questions related to blogging and Internet Marketing answered quickly.   As well as the creator’s being very active in the blog too.

My bonus offer – If you buy Blog through my links on this page, you will get the follow two special things. Both were designed to work with the blogs I currently have.

WPP Pro -  This is a yet unreleased version of my free WP Prosperent Plugin.

If you are not familiar with this plugin, you can see what the free version does here with the videos and sample site.

I designed this plugin for use on my 400+ blogs.  And that makes this plugin is a perfect fit for the Blog system. In fact, it’s such a good fit that the BB system is being expanded to include this plugin in the software and training (It should be added in there soon).

This Pro version includes so my upgrades from the free version.  Some highlights of the new things:  sidebar widget, append keywords from categories, a search bar, and much more.  Pretty much every idea that me and the users of the current plugin have come up with to improve it.

This will also include all future enhancements to the plugin.   This plugin is not completed yet, but will be sold for at least $25 in the future.

Prosperent “Store Builder” – This is a script (some files) that you can place on any site to instantly build a “virtual store”.

This another script that I am still working on.   I have a basic version finished and working.  But I thought it was missing so much.  So some improvements are coming out any time now.  Click here for  a sample of what the current version does.

You might see that and think that its not much but there is some power in the simplicity.  At the bottom of the page is a sitemap.  This sitemap contain a list of the keywords that you upload to it.  So you can place this on any site, and instantly have a store running. If you click any of the links you will see a “results” page.  These are the products that the customers can buy earning you a commission through the Prosperent network.

Have some extra domains that aren’t being used.  Throw up a “P store” in minutes.  Have an existing site/blog, add this to a folder on the site and again you will have a store in minutes.  Just add a link to it from your existing site/blog, and possible some extra link love to the top keywords and let the search engines do their magic.  This is what I plan on doing with hundreds of blogs I have.

From each keyword you add to the list of keywords the search engine bots will find many more links to travel and index.   And all of this is done without any overhead of having a database on your server.

You will also get all future enhancements to this script.  And I plan on having many.   Once I release this script, the price will be at least $45.


I’m  not going to make you wait until the BB refund period is over to get these.  Purchase BB though my link then come back here to the contact page and send me your receipt number and as soon as I verify the purchase I will let you know how to get the software.  Even if you cancel BB you still get software with at least $70 for free.  (FYI, the admission to BB is under that.)

If you want these please make sure you are using my link.  To verify this, once you get to the clickbank payment page, go to the bottom of the page and see if it says: 
If it doesn’t say that, you need to clear your cookies and go through the link again, or use a different browser or computer.

===> Blog <===

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jim October 30, 2010 at 10:42 am

Hi Charles

I am interested in Blog Blueprint and I was wondering if there are a lot of extras you have to buy to implement Blog Blueprint. I am retired and on a small fixed income and don’t have a lot of money to spend on the many other plugins that some programs require.
By the way, thanks for the free plugin. I haven’t used it yet but intend to soon.


Charles - admin October 30, 2010 at 1:08 pm

Hi Jim,

You don’t need anything additional except for hosting and domains. And you can even start small and slow with those.

There are to optional upgrades, but they are for addition automation. Its not required can you can do most the things with different methods without the automation tools. The training shows both paths.

Here is also a trick I found out about. Go to the BB site, through one of the links. Then click the back button. There is a $7 one week trail offer that will pop up.
So you can get in and check it out for $7 and if its not for you, cancel and request a refund.

James November 6, 2010 at 6:55 am

Hi Charles,

Thks for the review and there are some questions which I hope u can clear my doubts on this package.

1. How is this diff from wprobot? n can this schedule posting?

2. Is there any anchor text or link in the articles we receive ?

3. Also is the articles readable in ur view?


Charles - admin November 6, 2010 at 9:34 pm

1) This is nothing like WPRobot. I have that too and it serves a different purpose.

2) yes there are a couple of links in the articles. That is the incentive for people to write them. But unlike articles from directories or answers or rss feeds that are reused to the point the point of beating them to death, these articles are 100% unique for each time they are used. That means that the article added to your site will not be added to any other site.

3) are you asking if the articles are using good, proper English? If so, yes. Unlike my writing here they will be good. :) These are not mash ups. They are not translations of articles from directories or pull from answers. You can translate if you wish, but that is optional. The quality is good and must continue to be good or users can report the article and the author (or account holder) will be held responsible to up their quality or be banned from submitting articles. Yes, user can and do outsource a lot of the writing (I do) but that account holder is responsible for it.

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