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WP Prosperent Pro

Ok, enough people have be asking for it, so here it is!

Buy now for $15

Coupon support was the latest addition.

But first you need to know, at this time, there is not further instructions beyond the videos for the basic version and the peek of the Pro version. Most people are able to figure out the plugin and get it running without any problems. For most sites you should just be able to install and use it after entering your API key.

If you already have the free version, then you don’t even need to do that. Just deactivate your free version before install the Pro version (both can’t run at the same time). It will then run with the key and tokens you have already set up.

Here is some of what WPP Pro can do:

You can see all of the videos here including the set up videos here:

I’m using a new download system and it “should” work but I know some ISPs don’t like my emails. So if you order and don’t immediately get a download link via email, please use the contact form above to email me. I will probably have to email you from another account. I know roadrunner is blocking my emails currently. But gmail is working fine so use that if you can.

This is my unofficial/official launch/prelaunch or whatever you want to call it.
So at this time, you can get WPP Pro for $15!!!!

Buy now for $15

This will include all future updates/upgrades to this plugin.
The license is for a single user (1 person) to be able to install the plugin on any number of sites (unlimited) that are owed by the buyer.

That’s it for now. Buy it, install it, and have a good time.
Ya, I know, what a sales letter. :) Sorry, too busy to create a 10 page hyped letter for you to waste your time on.



Disclaimer – as with any plugin, I can’t guarantee it will work with your host/theme/plugins/etc. I can’t guarantee it will work in the manner that it works for my sample sites. I can’t guarantee that it will display the correct items all the time as I don’t control that (I provide features to allow you to control it as much as possible). There can be a number of things that cause it to not function or whatever. If it doesn’t work for you I will do my best to get it working for you. If it still won’t work you can have a refund.

Earnings Disclaimer – this is a plugin that will allow you to display ads where you can earn commissions upon sales of of items. I make no claim that you will make sales and earn any money as this is a factor of many things, including your sites rankings, traffic, and your skills at getting click-throughs and sales. All transactions are handled by the network, and I have no control over the click tracking, accounting, or anything on their network. You would need to contact them concerning network issues.

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Victor March 12, 2011 at 12:58 pm

Hi charles,
I purchased the pro version yesterday and I got it tested for hours. The problem that I found was that the widget only display the related products base on just the FIRST POST of the page – ignore all other posts on the same page. For example, the first post title is “SE Draft Lite Single/Fixed Bike Blue 61cm”, the widget will only display the related (or the same) product base on just “SE Draft Lite Single/Fixed Bike Blue 61cm” and it ignores all other posts. Please let me know if you can get that fix.


Charles - admin March 12, 2011 at 9:48 pm

For the widget there really is no way around that. There is no way for it to know what is on the page except by looking at a title. So with a page that display multiple posts, it can only use one title. For all single post pages it should be fine.

Juanita July 3, 2011 at 10:02 am

I know you’re familiar with WPMage. I am just wondering if there’s a way to be able to use the Mage affiliate codes on Post Layout plugin. I have to remove their Amazon and Overstock codes, and it’s overwhelming to have to remove this from every single post. So, it would be great if there’s a way to do it once for all posts using some kind of plugins for future reference.

Charles - admin July 3, 2011 at 11:59 am


There is ways to remove or replace the code but its a bit tricky.
Someone did make a plugin that did this but it was causing issues for some uses (messing up their dbs) so he removed it from the market.

The problem is that there is a varying keyword in the middle of the code. So simple find and replaces will.

It must be done through custom SQL statements. Parts of these statements can vary from site to site, user to user.

If you like to hack around inside your mysql dbs, you might be able to figure it out. Otherwise you might need to hire someone to do it. Basically, its running a find and replace using the beginning of the code, the keyword length, and the length of the code being removed. (if that makes no sense, dont try to do it.) If you do try changing anything or hire someone, make sure to back up the db first.

You can just use the reposting wizard to do it with a new template, but remember that will change the page completely which might effect ranking.

Juanita July 7, 2011 at 9:59 am

Hi Charles,

Wondering if you know what happen with Prosperent today. The ads don’t show up on my site, and when I tried to visit their forum, it says “503 Service Unavailable” on their website. Wondering if you’d know what’s going on.

Charles - admin July 7, 2011 at 12:02 pm

Not seeing any issues on my end. It could have been a short issue.

f@ssefnia September 9, 2011 at 12:53 am

Hi, I’m testing your plug-in. So far it looks pretty good. I’m considering purchasing the pro version. I’m concerned with the reliability of displaying the adds. It seems that intermittently, results are not displayed using this plug-in, as oppose to using a performance ad that shows up all the time. Do you have a solution or suggestion to make your api calls more reliable and consistent so my pages have a product showing, every single time?

Charles - admin September 9, 2011 at 1:47 pm

Im am not sure what is causing that issue nor a solution to it. Perhaps its their feed, but I don’t know.

f@ssefnia October 18, 2011 at 12:18 pm

@Charles – admin

Does your plug-in cache the results? I still seem to have this issue.

Juanita December 6, 2011 at 8:29 pm

Hi Charles,

There is a field that looks like this:

Link cloak directory:

that you don’t address in your videos. Do I need to fill it in?

Also, I noticed that Walmart was just added–I think–but it doesn’t provide pictures. Is that going to be changed soon? And, if we’re not going to have pictures from them, is there a way to not show products from them or any other store that don’t show pictures for that matter?

Let me know, please. Thanks!

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